From Puglia to Italy

We are inspired by the best gastronomic tradition to offer your dog only the best.

Short chain

Only the best ingredients of the Italian gastronomic tradition in your dog’s bowl.

With one mission

The health, well-being, happiness and longevity of your four-legged friend are our top priority.

Dry dog food Althea Superpremium

Althea Dry brings artisan quality to your dog’s bowl with cooked food to meet the needs of your four-legged friend, accompanying him at every stage of his life, from puppy to elderly.

For us, food is really serious.

We bring Puglia, its gastronomic tradition, the excellence of its land and the health of the Mediterranean diet to your dog’s bowl, using in our recipes only the best ingredients of our territory, “short range”.

Our foods are complete, balanced, genuine and with high nutritional value: proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, fibers, minerals and natural elements to guarantee regular physical and metabolic activity of your dog, in all phases of his life, from puppy to senior.

Per noi il cibo è davvero una cosa seria.

I nostri alimenti sono completi, bilanciati, genuini e ad alto valore nutrizionale: proteine, carboidrati, grassi, vitamine, fibre, minerali ed elementi naturali per garantire una regolare attività fisica e metabolica del tuo cane, in tutte le fasi della sua vita, da cucciolo ad anziano.

We believe in the strength and beauty of Mother Nature, which we respect 100%. And our nature says NO to its enemies:

NO to GMOs

NO to dyes and preservatives

NO to animal tests

We are the true ambassadors of the Italian pet food Made in Puglia

Our croquettes are always fresh, the best of their nutritional quality, thanks to the direct relationship with your trusted shopkeeper.

Our mission: healthy and happy dogs that live longer!

Fantastic product

I chose home cooking for my Oscar, but when I travel I always choose the croquettes from Dagel’s Althea line.


Bowls always empty

I purchased Althea for my puppets, a chihuahua and a bastard. I’m glad they eat with taste and are so fit. So, with the wettest dry mix, they leave the bowls immaculate! I recommend Althea to everyone! Good jelly Made in Puglia!



No more gastric problems

For a year now I have been buying dry salmon food for my elderly friend … he has no longer had gastric problems and has a very shiny coat …
I also recommend it because the cost is also accessible for large formats.



Only the best for my furry

My Rocky was born in Puglia and eats only Apulian food! The best for the best!


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